“How to Start a School Garden” Workshop

In November, LESSN held a workshop in partnership with the Health and Wellbeing Service and the Food for Life Partnership. The focus of the workshop was on starting a school garden as the new School Food Plan www.schoolfoodplan.com,  which aims to dramatically improve the food experience in schools with such initiatives as the universal infant free school meals, also firmly sets growing into the curriculum. From our research, we knew that while many schools are keen to start growing but struggle with getting started. So we thought an introductory workshop with some insights from more experienced growers would be helpful. Continue reading ““How to Start a School Garden” Workshop”

Food and Ofsted Seminar for Heads

PDF’s of powerpoint slides:

Tom Bliss – Introduction and details of Edible Playground offer (from Trees for Cities)

Louise Dye – Breakfast and Behaviour and Academic outcomes

Marion Hetherington – Learning to like vegetables – Learning to live well

Meaghan Christian – School Gardening

Siobhan O’Mahony – School Food and Ofsted

Sonja Woodcock – Establishing a School Garden Feb 2016

Click here for audio of the seminar (Edible Playground is at the end)

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I Dig Trees (free for you!)


The Conservation Volunteers and OVO Energy are currently offering free trees to schools and community groups.

I Dig Trees saw 158,000 trees planted last year, and this year they want to enable schools, community groups, volunteers, landowners and councils to achieve even more.

They have a huge variety of species and the trees come in packs of 50 (with a maximum order of 950), meaning here is a huge scope to dramatically enhance school playing fields and benefit communal green spaces.

They are also offering a tree planting service alongside the scheme, using their practical team volunteers at Hollybush Farm. This costs £300 per day and they can usually plant around 300 per day – meaning each tree ordered, delivered and planted costs any organisation who wishes to benefit just £1.


Invitation to participate in school garden initiative

NB See lovely new website at the link below (2016)

I came across your wonderful LESSN project through the food-for-cities group and, on behalf of the Global Horticulture Initiative, I would like to invite you to our new project to leverage the potential of school gardens world-wide and to establish a platform for exchange.

GlobalHort is an international NGO, which is leading a worldwide program to foster more efficient and effective partnership and collective action among stakeholders in the area of horticulture.  With our project on school gardens we want to achieve that every school will be equipped with a garden for our children to learn about nutrition, develop livelihood skills and grow into environmentally literate adults.

If you follow this link you can take a look at some projects that have already registered.


Online questionnaire:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Christine Husmann (chusmann@globalhort.org) or me (aspiller@globalhort.org).

Thank you very much! Anna Spiller

Please fill in this form and send to the email address below.

E-mail:  aspiller@globalhort.org

Web:     www.globalhort.org