Pumpkin Rescue in October

We are running an additional autumn event in the morning of the 18th of October around the Pumpkin Rescue campaign (see last issue) – and it’s a good one!


The Health and Wellbeing Service, together with Feed Leeds, LESSN and Meanwood Valley Urban Farm are delighted to present this exciting and newsworthy event. Bringing together two imperative topics, climate change and food waste, this event will help to show schools how you can engage your pupils with making a different to our planet and all through the medium of pumpkins! Delegates will learn about the pumpkin rescue campaign, how to carve and utilise almost every last bit of a delicious pumpkin to create nutritious recipes. 

The event will also include clear guidance and advice for how to reduce food waste throughout school and effect waste management systems. There will be an interactive workshop on composting for schools, to give school staff a hands on experience of how and what to compost.

Finally, all this will support schools to deliver key priorities and actions to address climate change and learn about how to make your school a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place to learn and grow.”

Schools need to pay to attend, but actually we find this increases numbers as heads see the event as having more value. Contact Siobhan.O’Mahony@leeds.gov.uk to book.